Which Country Has The Most Gamers?

gamersWith slightly over 165 million players, the US prides itself in being the country in the world with the most gamers. According to information released recently by Entertainment Software Association last year, US citizens spent nearly $25 billion on buying gaming hardware, video games and other gaming accessories. With the gaming market in this country generating such a large amount of money, there is no doubt that America comes next to none when it comes to online video gaming.

With the continued advancement of the internet in America, the spending by the Americans on purchasing video games at various retailing stores in the country has declined considerably. Instead, most people are now devoting their hard earned dollars and time to the cheaper downloadable games which are available on PCs and mobile devices. It is no secret that things have certainly taken a dramatic change in recent times. But even with these changes which have been reshaping the gaming industry across the globe, the US is still the undisputed king of video gaming particularly in western world.

Game Track compiled a new study recently which showed that the American people are increasingly spending more of their free time on playing video games. In addition to this, the people are also spending much more of the income they get on buying video games more than anything else. In the study, 6000 people were surveyed and it revealed that 70% of the Americans which is actually about 165 million people play video games. This is in comparison to about 50% of French citizens, i.e. about 29 million people who play video games in the country. In UK and Germany, just slightly above 30 percent of citizens here do engage in video gaming and this makes US the country with the most gamers.

What these statistics actually show is that there is really no significant divide as such between children and adults in the US playing video games. Unlike in the past couple of years where video gaming was believed to be an activity for children only, this is certainly not the case today as more and more adults seems to have embraced video gaming in America. In the study, it became clear that even adult Americans have become devoted gamers and are competing aggressively with the children in their efforts of getting a share of the fun.

The American people have been found to be addicts of different types of games and they have been found to play different formats as well. This ranges from mobile games to online games and even packaged games for consoles and PC. For most people here in America, video gaming seems to be a very lucrative thing to do regardless of the age that you are. Online games have now become the most dominant force when it comes to the American gaming as people are increasingly turning their attention to internet games nowadays.

But video gaming hasn’t become a staple activity in the America only as other parts of the world are also adopting this activity as well. In fact, video games have in overall become a global business and not one that is concentrated in just some few dominant markets. For instance, the gaming market in the Arab world is expected that it will grow to over $3 billion by 2016 from $600 million where it stands today. This has been the case in other parts of the world such as Africa, Asia and Europe where people are increasingly falling in love with online video gaming.